10 Pics That Sum Up The Vile & Effortless Comfort Of Relationship

29 April 2019

To anyone out there who is in a relationship, you’re about to relate the heck out of it. This sums up pretty much everything a couple goes through in a relationship.

And believe it one I tell you, sooner or later, everyone goes through this. So I hope you’re ready to see what the near future has in store for you.

Sometimes, you just want to cuddle and sleep, but she won’t let go of her phone. In my case, my wife nags every single night before sleep – and every night, I succumb.

People say it is extremely important to be natural around your partner – but not too, natural, if you ask me.

In my case, she’s popping even the tiniest things on my body – she studied cosmetology and aesthetics so it’s just something she likes to do. She also does it to herself.

Every single time we’re walking from a store, about halfway home, this happens.

Yes, people, this is absolutely true.

The only advantage is that you get to be weird together.

I’ve started countless arguments because of this. She still pulls them out every once in a while.

The only mistake I made was letting her know I can cook. So now I’m the cook in our little family.

The neverending struggle of the clenching. That’s true love right there people.

I have this body all year round, but she always pulls her on at the first sign of a chill.

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10 Pics That Sum Up The Vile & Effortless Comfort Of Relationship
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