14 Real Things That Are Extremely Hard To Imagine

29 April 2019

These images are 100 percent real. Now, you might not trust me at first, but he more of them you see, the more you’ll start to believe how strange and beautiful our world is.

Also, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t believe everything they see on the Internet, you can go ahead and search the photos yourself. You won’t disappointed, I can guarantee that.

No, this is not a prop from the new alien movie. It’s a shark egg held up to the Sun.

This is how stunning storms can get when you look at them from above.

That is what a swordfish looks like as a baby.

Rocket launches don’t get any prettier than this, do they?

Icebergs in Greenland are quite mesmerizing.

For those who didnt’ know, lightning strikes during a volcano eruption can happen.

Those are actul tiny mushroom, not tiny flames. Though they do resemble.

Not sure what to think about this? Adorable? Gross? What do you think?

Shell of a turtle covered in moss – makes it harder for the land predators to spot it.

Hypnotizing, isn’t it? Mother Nature at its finest.

Mountain lion waiting for its prey.

The tiny dot on the left is Mercury – the closest planet to the Sun, and it’s tiny next to it.

Eye of the spider zoomed in.

Beautiful foggy hills that you don’t get to see very often.

Images source: factsnook.com

14 Real Things That Are Extremely Hard To Imagine
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