Students Of This School Are Being Forced To Dye Their Hair

29 April 2019

Schools have been forcing students to wear what they want and lots of other stuff but now they are even forcing students to dye their hair.

A student attending Kaifukan School in Habikino City, Japan is being forced to dye her hair black to comply with the school’s very strict guidelines.

She was not born with naturally black hair.

Her mother said to school officials that it’s her natural color but they insisted that she dyes her black.

It was reported that she had to dye her hair every four days and as a result, the girl suffered from burns on her scalp and painful rashes.

One American woman who suffered from burns after a visit to the hair salon described it as “the most intense pain I’ve ever felt in my life.”

The girl is now 18 years old, and, as we mentioned, she had switched schools, but she’s not over the abuse she faced.

She is now suing the local government for ¥2.2 million (which is roughly $19,300).

When students are born with naturally brown or lighter hair, they’re required to provide proof (an old photo) that they didn’t dye their hair.

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Students Of This School Are Being Forced To Dye Their Hair
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